Fast, Repeatable, Multi-Cloud Deployments

RIVA TechTalk with David Callner: Fast Repeatable, Multi-Cloud Deployments through RIVA’s Multi-Cloud OpenCloudCX Solution

We’ve been talking with government CIOs and CTOs — and in those conversations, we learned that the government faces several challenges with managing cloud resources. In this blog, we will talk about those challenges and discuss the path forward to solving them through our multi-cloud solution called OpenCloudCX. 

The History

Seven years ago, a Cloud First Policy was created to accelerate the pace of government adoption of Cloud capabilities. During this timeframe, many departments within agencies moved to the cloud under very little governance and direction, which led agencies and even departments to use multiple cloud providers. 

Many government agencies have been successful in implementing a DevSecOps environment and many departments within the agency use different cloud providers — such as Google, Amazon Web Services or Azure — but they are running into a multi-cloud deployment nightmare trying to manage deployments into multiple cloud providers. 

Deployment pipelines are siloed and not reusable across the enterprise, which burdens additional cost for the agency and limits the cross-department reuse of microservices, applications, and software efforts due to the “stickiness” services offered by each cloud provider.

There’s nothing wrong with having multiple cloud providers; and in fact, there are additional benefits to having multiple cloud providers, such as enhanced redundancy or business continuity planning are a few, but we’ve seen that most agencies have multiple clouds because of the organic use of a cloud provider that best fits their business case and mission. This strategy is best for the department but not for the overall Enterprise efforts for the Agency. 

Navigating The Path Forward with RIVA’s Multi-Cloud, Open Source Solution OpenCloudCX.

In 2019, the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, Cloud Smart, introduced a path forward for agencies to migrate to a safe and secure cloud infrastructure. This new strategy will support agencies to achieve additional savings, security, and will deliver faster services.

“To keep up with the country’s current pace of innovation, President Trump has placed a significant emphasis on modernizing the Federal government. By updating an outdated policy, Cloud Smart embraces best practices from both the federal government and the private sector, ensuring agencies have capability to leverage leading solutions to better serve agency mission, drive improved citizen services and increase cyber security.” — Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer

RIVA is agnostic to COTs, open source and GOTs solutions, but we do evaluate and provide guidance to our customers about the Pros and Cons for each solution and develop a “best fit” strategy for each customer. 

RIVA developed a Multi-Cloud solution based on an open source solution developed from Netflix (Spinnaker) called OpenCloudCX. We have integrated Hygieia, which is two self-contained dashboards – one for engineers and another for executives – that visually depict CI/CD pipelines. We are able to provide senior leadership the ability to understand the DevSecOps state of maturity and risk across a wide range of product portfolios.  OpenCloudCX is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Below depicts how OpenCloudCX integrates with existing CI/CD pipelines.

What differentiates OpenCloudCX from other Multi-Cloud solutions is how OpenCloudCX abstracts the cloud operations from its users by allowing users to create custom views of the cloud. Providing a custom view of the cloud enforces best practices that help development teams draw from the lessons codified in OpenCloudCX. This enable agencies with multiple cloud providers the ability to seamlessly integrate OpenCloudCX into their existing CI/CD pipelines and abstract out the cloud provider operations and allow agencies to adopt best practices by incorporating security, reuse existing deployments, and standards cloud deployments for the Enterprise. 

RIVA has invested in this solution for clients, extending Spinnaker to integrate it with our existing open source DevSecOps platform to provide a fast, repeatable, open source multi-cloud deployment capability. 

We have also invested in building deep learning models that determine the normal state of deployments and give anomaly alerts when development teams deviate from a successful deployment in our Immune Deployment Extensions which uses unsupervised machine learning and AI to understand all about your multi-cloud deployments.

About RIVA’s Innovation Lab

RIVA’s Innovation Lab is charged with evaluating new technology and best fitting this technology to our current and future customers. 


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