Your RIVA colleagues quickly become your friends. RIVA HQ offers ways to reduce stress and take a break from your day, such as our Mario Kart lounge and fully stocked kitchen. Implement a flexible schedule, and work from home a couple of days a week if you need to.


RIVA’s Program Managers (PMs) link HQ to our field teams for strong cross-collaboration. We train our PMs on company strategy and key initiatives at every level through RIVA’s #HQEngage program. No matter where in the country you are, you feel connected to the RIVA team.


The Kudos Award is an MVP recognition program that offers prizes such as monthly gift cards. In addition, RIVA’s incentive and bonus programs provide cash rewards, gift cards, paid time off (PTO), and local perks for our employees (restaurants, gyms, and more).


Alpacas are hardworking and curious. They thrive in social settings and form strong bonds. They learn quickly, and are highly valued and respected. Every month, RIVA’s Alpaca Award Program recognizes employees who go above and beyond to do something extraordinary.

RIVA is an innovative SBA-certified 8(a) SDB