Fast, Repeatable, Multi-Cloud Deployments

RIVA TechTalk with David Callner: Fast Repeatable, Multi-Cloud Deployments through RIVA’s Multi-Cloud OpenCloudCX Solution We’ve been talking with government CIOs and CTOs — and in those conversations, we learned that the government faces several challenges with managing cloud resources. In this blog, we will talk about those challenges and discuss…


How RIVA is Enhancing Citizen Facing Applications for DHHS SAMHSA

Mobile Apps: How RIVA is Enhancing Citizen Facing Applications for DHHS SAMHSA  This week we asked CTO, Raj Dasgupta, about the Android and iOS mobile applications RIVA’s Innovation Lab is developing using agile development framework and Apache Cordova mobile development platform.  Here’s the scoop: RIVA appreciated the opportunity to be…


RIVA TechTalk: Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation RIVA’s experience with Agile transformations has taught us that each organization’s journey is unique, and complex. Success relies on understanding the current people, process, and technologies.  Agile transformation starts with an understanding of our customers executive vision and benefits Agile will bring to them. We will decompose that…


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