At RIVA, everyone inspires one another to reach for their loftiest goals, places it within their fingertips, and helps them realize their aspirations. Here, we make people’s dreams come true.

Join one of the most innovative, creative, and fun companies on the Eastern Seaboard. If you share our passion for intelligent solutions for a better world, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. We need great minds who want to help the U.S. Government modernize its organizations, enhance productivity, and (aggressively) pursue mission critical goals. Everybody sings about his or her unfilled potential and desire to be challenged. Well, you found an opportunity at RIVA. Join us and we will support, advise, mentor, and coach you to be your best. Knowing that someone, or, in our case an entire company, is looking out for your best interests is a surefire way for you to focus 100% of your brilliance on what’s most important – your client’s mission.

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