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As the government transitions to Agile and DevSecOps hiring automated testers or training your manual testers to learn how to write automated test scripts is one of the biggest costs in the transition to DevSecOps environments.

Functionize allows legacy teams to write manual test scripts and will convert them into automated scripts, thus removing the cost burden of bringing on a new developer.

Did you know that we are the ONLY reseller of Functionize for Government agencies? 

Functionize is an intelligent software testing platform for teams of all sizes and skill sets.

They combine the power of human insights with machine learning and other AI-based technologies to dramatically reduce the time and cost spent in testing while accelerating product releases. Functionize reconnects product teams, developers, and quality engineers by enabling them all to participate in the testing process. Tests that run across all browsers, and self-heal with UI or structural changes, take just minutes to create. This allows your whole team to focus on delivering bug-free software faster, more efficiently, and cheaper!

Challenges Functionize Solves 

There are several distinct challenges facing Functionize users

  • Manual Testing can’t scale with complex applications and is limited by the bandwidth of your team which slows down release cycles
  • Scripting is laborious, time-consuming to maintain, and expensive as it require skilled automation engineers
  •  Traditional record/replay tools cannot capture sophisticated user workflows and editing those workflows often requires having to re-record everything
  • Tests in general are still brittle; breaking with even minor UI changes and requiring significant time to update or maintain
  • Scaling and running parallel tests in a pipeline requires DevOps skills to build and maintain your environments

Software QA testing done wrong is not just inefficient, it’s downright painful.  A company experiences a loss of productivity not just to time spent testing but also to an unhappy QA team. As a result, one of the best ways to improve overall productivity is to improve software testing productivity. A worthwhile QA testing tool needs to:

  • Curate test scripts.
  • Execute scripts and log results
  • Save individual test runs for replay later.
  • Update test scripts automatically when conditions change.

The software market today is more competitive than ever, and businesses need any edge they can get. Increasing Software QA productivity through automated testing is a great place to start. Functionize does just this: combines machine learning and automated software testing to create a new kind of testing tool. Their products allow the tests to learn about the product as they execute. Functionize increases software testing productivity by bringing machine learning into the picture. Functionize uses ML to give you the right tool to automate software QA testing. These tools will increase productivity, and not just by making more effective testers, by making happier testers. 

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